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1800's Life



       During the mid 1800's a mass prduction of clothes was made fashionable and available to more people for lower prices.
Dark colors triumphed in men's clothing of the 1800's. The fashions of the 1800's and 1890's. The cutway frock coat for evening and daytime, the four-button sack suit for business, and the long roll over coat.
       Men wore tall hats when they went out. They also wore suits. When they did not wear hats, they just wore their hair down. Men also wore pull over shirts made with full sleeves, and deep cuffs. Men that were cowboys wore denim coats, leather breeches, and tall boots.
The first gametes put on by a woman, were put on by women in the 1850's.
        during the week, women farmers wore simple dresses made by, wool, linen sorlinsey wooly.
        In the year 1865, women wore big puffy dresses and that was the middle-class women. When women got dressed, girls would help them. They would also wear funny little hats, they looked like a lamp shade and the others looked like a feather on their head, it was really funny looking, but back then it was fashon.

Story by Tyler B.

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